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Bridge Street Merchants is the abode of fresh fruits and vegetables. The ideal place to relish what Mother Nature has offered us in its best version.

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Get best and delicious food from us prepared from the organic ingredients.

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We have special farming events that can engage people especially the little ones.

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Funhouse is a facility that is dedicated to entertaining the kids with various fun-filled activities.

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We have a lot of outdoor activities that can entertain you and your family and can keep you engaged for a long time.

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Benefits to Living in the Country – Our Opinion

If you live or work in a city, you are familiar with the efforts people are making to attract the center. Most cities include shopping areas, restaurants, and apartments with garden paths, lakes, and ports. Some people love the bustling city and when they want to go out they do not need to drive anywhere […]


Fun fondue facts

  • Fondue is the amazing cooking art of dipping cheese, small sliced pieces of fruit, pieces of cooked meat, cake, bread or quite simply whatever you fancy typically into a warm pot of melted chocolate or cheese.
  • The word “fondue” hails from the French language. It originates from the past particle of the verb, ‘fondre’ which means to melt in French.
  • Fondue, however, is originally Swiss, specifically from the western part of Switzerland where the French language is commonly spoken.
  • Did you know that the very first fondue recipe book was published in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 1699? In the book, it entails a detail description demanding a mixture of melted cheese and wine in which you dip pieces of bread.


  • Although it was in the year 1875 when fondue was declared the national dish of Switzerland, it wasn’t until the 1930s that fondue gained publicity and was extensively promoted by the Swiss Cheese Union.
  • Did you know that the chocolate version of fondue, which involved dipping pieces of food into a warm pot of chocolate, was invented in New York City during the early 1960s and was made by a Swiss?
  • Fondue was initially created during the 18th century with an intention for the poor to be able to eat something. It offered a delicious way for people to utilize old and hard cheese and stale bread.
  • The Swiss initially enjoy their version of fondue by dipping crispy aged pieces of bread into pots of melted cheese.


  • Due to the communal nature of the pot, it makes possible feeding a large group of people.
  • Fondue is a favorite dish for social gatherings and romantic evenings.
  • There are a few flirting traditions which exist around the dish. If and when women drop their pieces of bread into the pot, they must kiss their neighbors. If men, on the other hand, drop their bread into the bowl, they are required to buy everyone a round of drinks.

There is a great debate on what beverage is ideal while having the meal. Some opt for white wine while others favor black tea. Each has its own explanation since fondue is made with white wine, so a little more wouldn’t hurt. Whereas black tea aids in smooth digestion.


Tips on how to shop efficiently at your local farmer’s market

Avoid the rush with two simple suggestions: show up early and go on a weekday

If you live in areas such as San Francisco or New York City, you can have access to multi-day greenmarket schedule. Going to the farmer’s market on weekday such as Wednesday is a much different experience as compared to going on a Saturday. Tend to go online and research your area to confirm whether it is right for where you live. Remember that, if you decide to go on a weekend to get there early in order to beat the rush and avoid being overwhelmed by the crowd.

Go with a set amount of cash


Figure out how much you wish to budget for that week and then show up with exactly what you can afford. For example, if you bring $100 to the farmers market, that is what you spend. So keep to your budget and aim of utilizing it in the farmers market.

You need less than you think

They way in which how people tend to overspend and under buy at the market are by getting more than they require something. For example, if you are buying loose greens such as peas, you will roughly need a fist full of it to satisfy two servings.

Steer clear of artisanal stuff, unless you have the budget for it

Unless you are planning to be a big spender, let all the artisan stuff be as it is. Rather stick on your budget and focus on produce, fruits, eggs, vegetables, beans and meat, essential items you require.

Make a list before your visit


This is a crucial step the majority of people miss out on. Instead make a list of what you currently purchase and consume now, then just swap it out for the greenmarket stuff available instead of going for the grocery store stuff.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Farmers love to answer and clear any queries you may have. There is no question which is too vague, naïve or small. If you quite frankly don’t know what something is, or how to cook it or what it tastes like, don’t be hesitant to ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to start small

Don’t go all out on the farmer’s supermarket for the sake of it. Instead, venture out to the farmer’s market with no intention to purchase anything but take in the different sights and smells and only purchase if something fancies you. Start with something small as buying kale or apples. Give yourself the time to enjoy the process.

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