Pixel Gun 3D Fine User Experience Helps Enjoy The FPS Better

pixel gun 3d guide

The pixel graphics of the Pixel Gun 3D may look childish to some, but it is this unique look that attracted me to the game to try my hands at it. It is probably the most popular First Person Shooting game among those that are currently being played today and it is not so without several reasons. There is plenty to explore for the pro players while the first-timers will not be left out. The easy pixel gun cheats that imparts the lessons on combating the evil enemies and also gives a closer look at the pixel graphics that may appear to be unclear.

Smooth transition up the levels

I found that the game is has a playing module that is made to help gradually the players move up the levels and become fine shooters with sharp observation skills and quickness of mind. While generating a lot of fun with the differently posed enemies like the Military Mech, the Bug, and several others each with a background and some with a story setting too like that of the Dragon, the players will have to deal with their specific powers and the ways that they behave. Here making use of the right weapon apart from the fast action will help in overcoming them in the initial Survival Campaigns.

Getting at the enemies

I found the Survival Campaign that is the single player mode exciting at the initial stages where all I had to do is keep at the walking, crawling or flying enemies that keep swarming from all angles. It is more a matter of persistence in a shooting that kept me moving the levels meeting the boss of the enemies at the end that needed the extra dose of whacking as they are endowed with more power. Winning each of the levels opened up the next battlefield smoothly while also rewarding me with the coins depending on the points that I earned.

The Multiple Player excitement

The real excitement, however, lay in the Multiple Players’ mode where there are different maps and world settings to choose from apart from the different types of gameplay. I joined my friends that too have reached my level and played the Cooperative that in turn gave us three choice of pitting against another team as group or engage in the Time Survival where each player eliminated means less to defend and the ultimate DeathMatch that is all about seeking out every single enemy of the opponent team by the last one that has survived.

A smooth gameplay

I personally found the game to be a smooth going and also to give a refreshing break spending my free time enjoying the camaraderie with my friends on the same mission. The availability of the chat helps in getting the priorities right and also setting up the defense and the attack plans. After all, each player has to take her or his proper cover to get the enemy shot out instead of being blown out. The fun game is also fine on the technical front with not much disturbance though one of my friends complained of it becoming slow at times making the gameplay difficult.