Clash Royale – Play once then you will start playing every day

Clash Royale is one of the best and   interesting game for suitable to this generation. Because,   this game it is an entertainment game to compare other games. The main target of this game is destroyed opposite tower.  It is possible to implement by using some cards. In this game they give a time limit to destroying the opposite player.  In this game when the player was winner, who can be destroy the king’s tower. This game can be played with help of internet connection.

In this game we use many elements or components. The gold, elixir and characters are used in this game and it has more than thirteen levels. It is hard to win the games level and we can able to purchase the component from online paying store. The player needs to destroy the opposite player using given time limit. If they can do that action within time limit, after they goes to next level. Defeat the tower within three minutes then they are a good player to play the clash royale.

It has some signified components. That the components are common signified was using by blue, Rare signified by orange was using by orange. Epic signified was using by purple. Legendary signified was using by rainbow. They using the chest defeat and it have different type of chest that are rewards the chests are wooden, silver, gold, giant, magical and super magical. In free chest, the chest is getting the every time of four hours. It is limited to giving the layer and it has stopped until them using only six hours.

The crown chest need to earn while the king tower will be destroyed and get the crown chest. Another one component is gems. In this game gems is not a chocolate. It is one of the components of game to play the game and you can get the gems without going to the online store with the help of clash royale gems hack.


The gold is used to increase and improve their troops or upgrade their troops into the next level to play the game very efficiently.  The online store is used to purchase the different cards earned by paying gold. The chests costs are varied for buying the different levels or collection of cards. For first purchase the cards gold was totally change from one another. The highest cost of card is an epic card and it is most useful while playing the game. The rare cord cost is lower than compare to epic card cost.

Each level of ending the player can get a trophy. The cards are most important part of clash royale game. Player cannot do any action in this game without using cards and the cards are used to win the match. There are three important cards are used in the game and they are troops, spells and buildings. The troops can be used to destroyed tower and the tower is moved to next levels.  The spells are used to collaborate or finishing the process of opponent. The spell is placed at base on ground.

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