• Fondue is the amazing cooking art of dipping cheese, small sliced pieces of fruit, pieces of cooked meat, cake, bread or quite simply whatever you fancy typically into a warm pot of melted chocolate or cheese.
  • The word “fondue” hails from the French language. It originates from the past particle of the verb, ‘fondre’ which means to melt in French.
  • Fondue, however, is originally Swiss, specifically from the western part of Switzerland where the French language is commonly spoken.
  • Did you know that the very first fondue recipe book was published in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 1699? In the book, it entails a detail description demanding a mixture of melted cheese and wine in which you dip pieces of bread.
  • Although it was in the year 1875 when fondue was declared the national dish of Switzerland, it wasn’t until the 1930s that fondue gained publicity and was extensively promoted by the Swiss Cheese Union.
  • Did you know that the chocolate version of fondue, which involved dipping pieces of food into a warm pot of chocolate, was invented in New York City during the early 1960s and was made by a Swiss?
  • Fondue was initially created during the 18th century with an intention for the poor to be able to eat something. It offered a delicious way for people to utilize old and hard cheese and stale bread.
  • The Swiss initially enjoy their version of fondue by dipping crispy aged pieces of bread into pots of melted cheese.
  • Due to the communal nature of the pot, it makes possible feeding a large group of people.
  • Fondue is a favorite dish for social gatherings and romantic evenings.
  • There are a few flirting traditions which exist around the dish. If and when women drop their pieces of bread into the pot, they must kiss their neighbors. If men, on the other hand, drop their bread into the bowl, they are required to buy everyone a round of drinks.

There is a great debate on what beverage is ideal while having the meal. Some opt for white wine while others favor black tea. Each has its own explanation since fondue is made with white wine, so a little more wouldn’t hurt. Whereas black tea aids in smooth digestion.